Wayman Bannerman, from Miami, FL, and Micah McDonald, from Zanesville, Ohio, commenced as a styling duo in 2013 known as, Wayman + Micah, after each spending consecutive years in celebrity styling and fashion editorial as individual freelance artist. Wayman previously worked in fashion editorial  for Conde Nast publications such as GQ, Vanity Fair, L’Officiel Homme, Golf Digest, and spent a great  deal of time cultivating the New York Times Style section weekly content. Micah has worked for design  houses such as Marc Jacobs, Alice + Olivia, red carpet dressing in professional sports and media, and consulted on ready to wear collections for a great deal of emerging designers within New York and Los Angeles. Combining their efforts together and within less than a year Wayman + Micah have become tremendously sought after and has worked on national and international campaigns for brands such as Mercedes, Hennessey, John Varvatos, Macy’s, Sean John, Xerox, and the Own Network. Wayman + Micah most notably work can be found on red carpet dressing numerous of celebrities for awards season, magazine covers, film, and television. Wayman + Micah split their time between New York and Los Angeles.

Micah McDonald

Ohio native Micah McDonald, made his plunge into the fashion world in 2009 when he began his studies of styling and merchandising at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City.  It wasn’t until after working for a handful of well known fashion brands in the big apple, most notably Marc Jacobs that he decided to pursue a career in styling full time.

His desire to “create beautiful images and tell a story” was a latent dream no more.  At the commencement of his career, his styling jobs took him from editorial shoots, to campaigns and a few personal styling clients. After working on solo projects for x years, Micah and his best friend Wayman Bannerman made the decision to team up and become styling duo, Wayman and Micah.  Together they have created beautiful imagery for clients, infusing their elegant yet edgy aesthetic into each look.

Wayman Bannerman

As a fashion stylist, contributing editor, and costume designer,Wayman Bannerman’s experiences has made him well diversed and educated of image branding and fashion design. While growing up in Miami, FL,  Wayman’s ideal career has been envisioned as creativity focused. Once Wayman moved to New York City, he matriculated his wardrobe consulting and fashion marketing training at Fashion Institute of Technology.

While attending F.I.T. , Wayman covered New York Fashion Week and celebrity oriented events, and strategized with senior editors on editorial direction and advertising initiatives. Soon after, he went on to execute other roles in the areas of fashion including working as a Visual and Marketing Relations Consultant at Henri Bendel – where he advised marketing and sales executives on customer feedback of shopping experiences.  Shortly after, he reached a career milestone by becoming a Fashion and Editorial Contributor for the New York Times. In this role, Bannerman created production schedules and financial budgets for celebrity interviews, travel, and photo shoots and contributed to styling, design, and layout of fashion spreads for the publication’s online content.

Being a strong advocate for higher education, Wayman eventually went back to college and obtained his Masters in Business Administration in Media Management for television and film from the Metropolitan College of New York. This educational highlight has made Wayman the “go-to” person for jobs such as working as a Fashion and Market Contributor for GQ Magazine,L’Officiel, L’Officiel Homme, Vanity Fair, Golf for Women, and Golf Digest. While working in these roles, he assisted creative directors in special event planning for multiple events for all publications and styled live fashion segments for media television morning shows.

Under the tillage of influential editors and celebrity stylists, Waymanhas honed his craft with contributions for major advertising campaigns for Macys Alfani, Hennessy, Xerox, Ralph Lauren, Saks Fifth Avenue,American GQ, Rolling Stones, People Magazine, T Style, Essence, Obvious Magazine, Twill Magazine, Lacoste,Acura, Mercedes, E! Network, and many more.  Wayman has also managed wardrobe for celebrity-feature commercials and wardrobe for short film. Notable celebrities that Wayman has worked with include: Justin Timberlake, Jonas Brothers, Andre 3000, Jerry Seinfeld, Michael Phelps, Metallica, Erykah Badu, Lupe Fiasco, and many more.

In addition, utilized his expertise on live “What to Wear” segments for NBC’s Today Show and CBS Early Morning Show. Wayman has also collaborated on numerous consumer product and apparel campaigns.

Along with private client and editorial/celebrity styling projects,Wayman has also been featured in consumer travel publications every month for his expertise of “what to wear” every month during luxury travel.

Micah currently spends his time between New York City and Los Angeles.