How to Choose All Weather Jackets

When you are unable to predict the weather, you still go out and do your businesses as usual. Most of the people tend to carry jackets that they can wear just in case it gets cold or even rains. However, do you ever wonder if the jacket that you carried will actually protect you from the weather? You need to have a little knowledge of jackets in order to be able to choose the one that can provide you with ultimate protection. This article will be of much help to you when making that choice.

All Weather Jacket

Waterproofness and Breathability

Out in the rain or cold weather, one of the characteristics that will be of much value to you is waterproofness. When a jacket is waterproof, it is able to block out the normal drizzles and rains. With such a jacket you will have taken care of the changes in weather and avoid unnecessary soiling. Breathability factor is also very essential. It refers to the ability of the jacket to let out the excess heat and moisture from the body. When you are wearing something that protects you from the rainfall, the body temperatures might get elevated. Eventually, you will be wet on the inside because the sweat will have no way to escape. What you need is a jacket that can be able to let this sweat out while at the same time protecting you from the harsh weather. This makes breathability a very crucial factor in jackets. It can be achieved through having zippers under the armpits among other means


Venting will obviously help lose the moisture from your body by aiding breathability. This way, you are able to keep your body at the required temperatures while you get protected from the outside. There are various types of vents such as the core vents that are found on the jacket’s side. They help your body to lose some moisture. Pit zips, on the other hand, are found under the arms and when opened, they facilitate the loss of moisture from the body. There are also back vents that can be opened during hot weather and closed when it is cold.

Wind Resistance

When hiking, running or even riding, you might encounter strong winds. You need a jacket that can block the wind and prevent the excess cold that comes about with the wind. For all weather, you can go for a fleece jacket that is designed to withstand strong wind. It can be used on the outside of the jacket in order to offer maximum protection.

Material and Quality

The material that makes up your jacket is the most essential thing to consider. Some material might work well when it is cold but fail to protect you when the rains come. Choose your jacket carefully and consider the quality of the material. Depending on what you want, you can choose leather, wool or cotton made jackets. However, some of them like those made of wool might be too heavy to allow you to comfortably carry out your activities. Cotton functions just like wool but is unable to withstand strong rainfall like wool. In this case, leather would be the best because it can be made more stylish while at the same time providing you with the protection that you need.


Insulation can also be another factor to consider in an all-weather jacket. For the best performing jacket, a layer of insulation would do you a great favor there are different types of insulation. Synthetic insulation will have a good performance but does not last for very long. It can also not be compressed. Down insulation, on the other hand, is compressible but does not withstand harsh elements of weather like the synthetic type of insulation. However, this kind of insulation is compressible. Either way, a jacket with a layer of insulation would be good for all weather.

Hood and Adjustable Cuffs

A detachable wood provides the best services. At times, you may feel like a hood is not doing you a favor. You just need to detach it from the jacket and attach it when you will need it. Moreover, cuffs that are adjustable will help you in all the situations. You can tighten and loosen them anytime you want.


When looking for an all-weather jacket, you need one that can serve you well in all the situations. A less heavy but waterproof jacket that can easily break the wind is okay. Moreover, go for the stylish jacket that is waterproof with an added layer of insulation and vents. These will help you to beat the weather and adjust accordingly using a detachable hood and adjustable cuffs